Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Library

The Walker Library is a warm and welcoming place for me in my school and also my academic life. The extensive collection of books, journals and magazines. I absolutely love it
Over 85% of the resources are available for loan.

Also, the library provides:
A reference section

  • A space for private study

    • Access to software, intranet, internet, online resources.

    • Wireless network for laptop computers

    • 7 daily newspapers and 60 periodicals

    • Printouts of resources currently in stock

    • Collection of DVDs and CDs

    • Access to British Library for out of print materials and photocopies for research

    • Class use for library lessons and project work based on library materials

    • Photocopying facilities.

    I need my library.

    As well as providing shelter from everyday life it gives me books and references that can help me enormously with my academic life.


    • I would have more e-books because they are easier to read and also more practical.
    • I would have greater research facilities in reference to the British Library
    • Greater comfy seats for students and also tighter rules on speaking in the library
    • The library is a haven so we should keep it so and keep it quiet.
    • Book of the week might be a nice addition.
    • Also possibly reccomendations by students and teachers.

    • Room design: I would make the library more interesting, possibly more pictures and a more vibrant colour scheme. 

    • Prevent clutter on tables.

    • Improve the welcome area. The library is hard to get into 

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