Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yeovil Town better than Barca

Yaz Rana suggest I blog about why Yeovil are better than  Barcelona.

Yeovil are better than Barcelona because Yeovil have a stand where people stand, none of this seat nonsense you just go in stand up get a pork pie and watch Yeovil Town win.

Barcelona have the kit colours blue and red a recent survey suggests that teams that play with green and white actually play better football than teams in red and blue. Honestly they are rubish colours. It makes them look like a cross between chelsea and liverpool which is like good torres vs bad torres and that makes mediocre torres therefore the whole Barcelona team are mediocre.

Yeovil have a better name. Yeovil is like the best name in football ever. People want to play for a team that has a cool name. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw Messi on trial at Yeovil next week. But then again he may not get into the first team.

Yeovil beat Wycombe Wanderers and Barcelona have never beaten Wycombe wanderers.

Ok thats it Yeovil better than Barcelona done

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sports news

England win convincingly in the world cup against Romania but could still go out of the tournament if they lose to Scotland.

Manchester United couldn't beat Stoke so Manchester City joined them with equal points.

Mark Cavendish won the World Road race and became the first man from Britain to do so.

England were shocked by the West Indied as they lost after having only scored 88 runs before being all out.

And Vettel won the F1 race in Singaore but will have to wait to win the World Championship. As Button came second.


My beats arrived today, very happy.
Many people say that the sound quality on beats is no good and they are just a fashion accesory. I disagree. Obviouly the mission Dr. Dre set out on was to make some headphones where music could be listened to properly..."how the artist recorded it". He wanted his and many other artists songs to be listened to as he wanted them to be. When I listen to any song on my ipod now it makes me think how much better a song sounds with these headphones. From the beatles to LMFAO.

I did get a bit worried when i saw this video though.

However i do strongly reccomend these headphones

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Ipad......................2?

The introduction of the ipad 2 now is quite a while back, but I'm just trying to get over the enormity of the fact that it can do so much this video shows that as the 'kitchen ipad'
However my one concern about this cool machine is that its turning into a bigger version of the iphone. It now has facetime like the ipod touch, but with all the apps, camera and now facetime. Could the Ipad be more popular than the iphone. Well we will find out when the iphone 5 comes out soon.
Comment with your views

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sports news

Last night a thrilling match saw Chelsea beat Fulham on penalties. Owen Hargreaves scored for his new club Manchester City as they beat the Carling cup holders Birmingham 2-0. Mike Tindall will play against Romania on Saturday despite stories saying he's be dropped by the coach Martin Johnson

The Daily Mash - Army to provide emergency tennis

The Daily Mash - Army to provide emergency tennis
A funny story by the daily mash

Taps: Music on my mind

Taps: Music on my mind: My number 1 for this week is Regina Spektor-Laughing with. Great tune! My number 2 f...

Taps: Sports news

Taps: Sports news: My feature for sport this week is the funny football sketch off Arsenal just about beat league 2 Shrewsbury Town, which is ...

Sports news

My feature for sport this week is the funny football sketch off
Arsenal just about beat league 2 Shrewsbury Town, which is embarrassing for a team of Arsenals standard. However the way the last few games have been I'm sure the side were happy to get a win on the board.

Man United breezed through to the 2nd round of the carling cup with a convincing 3-0 win over Leeds with Micheal Owen back on the scoresheet.

England are set to face Romania on Saturday which will preview England's most important match of the tournament so far against Scotland on the 1st October.

Music on my mind

My number 1 for this week is Regina Spektor-Laughing with.
Great tune!

My number 2 for this week is The Madness-Baggy trousers
A classic old song!

My number 3 is Amy Macdonald- This is the life
You may have seen the car advert!