Random article of the week

Yeovil are better than Barcelona

Yaz Rana suggest I blog about why Yeovil are better than  Barcelona.
Yeovil are better than Barcelona because Yeovil have a stand where people stand, none of this seat nonsense you just go in stand up get a pork pie and watch Yeovil Town win.
Barcelona have the kit colours blue and red a recent survey suggests that teams that play with green and white actually play better football than teams in red and blue. Honestly they are rubish colours. It makes them look like a cross between chelsea and liverpool which is like good torres vs bad torres and that makes mediocre torres therefore the whole Barcelona team are mediocre.
Yeovil have a better name. Yeovil is like the best name in football ever. People want to play for a team that has a cool name. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw Messi on trial at Yeovil next week. But then again he may not get into the first team.
Yeovil beat Wycombe Wanderers and Barcelona have never beaten Wycombe wanderers.
Ok thats it Yeovil better than Barcelona done

Stupid data for a stupid planet

Throughout the whole of this world cup in rugby some of the worst adverts have been produced by IBM. One of them, two ladies who in their trollies stop and say "they had 49 mnutes and 32 seconds in the opponents half". I mean wouldn't you be starting to get seriously worried if your grandma said that. The stuff they say isn't even interesting. A guy flicks a bit of paper over a coffee mug and says "That's a kick conversion rate of 87%". OK no one cares how good your co-ordination between your thumb and eye are the fact that you have got an 87% conversion rate shows you have done it lots of times. There are stupid people saying it like a takeaway man who asks if a guy still wants his pizza after knowing how many kicks Johnny Wilkinson has missed or something like that. Of course he does and why would you phone up a takeaway company just for the live commentary of what is happening in the match. And there's a sushi one do the Japanese even play rugby...oh yeah. IBM you are idiots the adverts are bad