Saturday, 16 June 2012

British weather

The subject of uproar, controversy and outrage in Britain....

no not the fact that England are only able to beat Sweden with the greatest hardship

no not the fact that Bob the builder is supposedly more well known than David Cameron

and no not the fact that music In Britain is deteriorating into scrambled nothingness

It is of course British Weather.

This is how it can deteriorate


let's just let her explain

British weather rule:

Barbecue's should not be planned ahead.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Library

The Walker Library is a warm and welcoming place for me in my school and also my academic life. The extensive collection of books, journals and magazines. I absolutely love it
Over 85% of the resources are available for loan.

Also, the library provides:
A reference section

  • A space for private study

    • Access to software, intranet, internet, online resources.

    • Wireless network for laptop computers

    • 7 daily newspapers and 60 periodicals

    • Printouts of resources currently in stock

    • Collection of DVDs and CDs

    • Access to British Library for out of print materials and photocopies for research

    • Class use for library lessons and project work based on library materials

    • Photocopying facilities.

    I need my library.

    As well as providing shelter from everyday life it gives me books and references that can help me enormously with my academic life.


    • I would have more e-books because they are easier to read and also more practical.
    • I would have greater research facilities in reference to the British Library
    • Greater comfy seats for students and also tighter rules on speaking in the library
    • The library is a haven so we should keep it so and keep it quiet.
    • Book of the week might be a nice addition.
    • Also possibly reccomendations by students and teachers.

    • Room design: I would make the library more interesting, possibly more pictures and a more vibrant colour scheme. 

    • Prevent clutter on tables.

    • Improve the welcome area. The library is hard to get into 

    Saturday, 2 June 2012

    The voice

    And the winner of the voice is

    Jessie J song with video



    wait what


    You are fired